Hello Folks, my name is Tsega
I’m a Music Artist.

Groove to my jazzy &
soulful music.

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Bio & Music

Tsega Tebege - Warm, expressive rich in nuances.

Growing up in Cologne, Germany as a child of Ethiopian parents Tsega discovered her passion for music from an early age. It is her way to connect with herself and others 'in a way that only music allows you to' she says. It is a way out of isolation that all of us experience at one point or another. Her voice combines sweetness and richness of a tone making it difficult to compare her with other singers. She has this magical quality that can captivate with the intention to liberate and make you feel light and free. Tsega spent the last few years searching for her sound. She spent time in different metropoles such as Paris, Berlin and London as part of her musical and personal  journey. Her songs deal with experiences she's made that she now wants to share with the world.

What I Do

Look at my Skills.

Solo Artist

I’ve been working as a Solo Artist in the styles of Jazz, Soul and Popmusic. I have sung at weddings, art openings all kinds of private events as well as on big corporate events. I play Originals but I also have a wide repertoire in Jazz, Pop and Soul classics. My diversity and broad experience make me unique and I’m sure to also be able to contribute to the success of your event.


Soul Jazz and Pop music with a full Band - I’m connected with great musicians which enables me to offer different band set ups for your event. There’s nothing more fulfilling than creating magic together on stage. Talk to me and and I’m sure we can find ways to work together.


My experience as a Backing Singer for well known German artists such as Joy Denalane, Cassandra Steen and Stefanie Heinzmann as well as having been on international tours and festivals with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn enable me to learn the artist’s material in a very fast and professional manner.


My degree in music and my wide knowledge in Music Theory, Singing Technique, Repertoire and Songwriting are the foundations for my work as a Vocal Coach. I also love to help aspiring Singer/Songwriters to accompany themselves on the guitar or on the piano. If you need support for your own musical journey we can work together to start developing your musical craftsmanship.


I also organize my own live music event since October 2017 called ARISE. I have created a space that’s giving ambitious solo artist and acts like myself an opportunity to perform infront of a very appreciating and grateful audience. I work closely with a team made up of a Photographer, Film, Design/Marketing and Presenter. Talk to me if you need support.


I have been writings songs now for the last ten years. It it important to me to write my own music and lyrics and it’s an ongoing process. I’m very open for collaborations and love to learn from other Songwriters/ Producers and Musicians. We can plan a project/ record a song together. Let’s talk!


These are some of my Photos…

Performing one of my soulful songs at my event at Barinton Livemusic

Performing one of…

Foto Credit: Nora Hase

This picture was taken at my live music event Glow Up at Barinton Livemusic in Cologne

This picture was…

Foto Credit: Nora Hase

Performing one of my jazzy tunes. Passion and Pain seem to have the same expression :-)

Performing one of…

Foto credit: Fya Cem

Performance at Clubphonia event at Rudas Studios in Düsseldorf organized by guitarist André Krengel

Performance at Clubphonia…

Foto Credit: Horst Engel

Here I’m performing one of my songs accompanying myself with the piano

Here I’m performing…

Foto Credit: Fya Cem

At this concert I was performing my songs with Bass, Drums and Piano

At this concert…

Foto Credit: Jamain Ganesh

Head Shot when I was wearing my hair short

Head Shot when…

Foto Credit: Marcus Oberländer

The piano is one of my main inspirations. I love jazzy soulful chords on the keys as Robert Glasper plays them

The piano is one…

Foto Credit: Fya Cem

This picture was taken on a lovely summer’s day on a rooftop in Cologne

This picture was…

Foto Credit: Manuel Gomez Dardenne


Get in touch and let’s make something great together.

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